New off-site constructions

The adoption of off-site technologies represents a concrete solution to the contemporary need to reduce the environmental impact of new buildings and at the same time make them more affordable and accessible to a larger portion of the population. For this reason, Edera supports real estate developers in the implementation of off-site construction processes for new residential and tertiary buildings.

The goal is to innovate the process, making it more efficient and decarbonising both the construction and management phases, in order to make the economic investment more sustainable and facilitate access to the main environmental protocols (LEED, BREEAM, WELL, etc.) through solutions in line with the CAM (Minimum Environmental Criteria).

In particular, Edera directs and coordinates a team of professionals who collaborate in the transformation of projects created with traditional technologies into projects optimized for off-site technologies. The approach is that of a paradigm shift of processes, aimed at optimizing projects through the use of prefabricated products that increase the efficiency and productivity of the construction site. The projects are then examined progressively, starting from a feasibility study, up to the definition of definitive and executive projects, and evaluating different business scenarios, including the construction of production plants for prefabricated construction elements.

Currently, two feasibility studies are underway at national and international level for two important real estate players, aimed at defining technical-economic scenarios for affordable housing developments optimized for off-site systems. The aim is to offer a holistic product with high architectural, structural and plant engineering quality, capable of containing construction costs, accelerating execution times and reducing environmental impacts.




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