Members and Governance

The Founding Members of EDERA represent different points of view of the world of living, united by an innovative vision and an awareness of the importance of the challenge of sustainability.

REDO SGR S.p.A. Benefit Corporation

REDO is the first real estate fund manager with a focus on affordable housing, committed to creating living spaces that are both high-quality and economically sustainable for people. Shares the need to make the decarbonisation of its portfolio sustainable and financeable by investing in systemic and replicable solutions, suitable for the needs of aggregate demand with a focus on the suburbs where the current real estate value does not allow margins to activate property redevelopment processes and neighbourhoods.

FHS – Fondazione Housing Sociale

FHS – Fondazione Housing Sociale – was founded in 2004 to respond to the growing housing emergency, through the promotion of initiatives which, together with the offer of housing at subsidized rents, favour the creation of smart communities. To date, the Foundation is the technical-social advisor of the main funds that invest in the sector, to which it provides assistance: in the planning of interventions – with a focus on urban and architectural planning – in the design of services and housing welfare, in community development and in the place making. Together with CDP SGR, the Foundation contributed to the launch of the Fondo Investimenti per l’Abitare, the basis of the Integrated System of Social Housing Funds – “SIF”.

National Association of Builders

National Association of Builders – ANCE is the business association that represents Italian companies of all sizes operating in the construction sector. It promotes policies that combine the entrepreneurial skills of the construction sector with the interests and needs of civil society, aiming at economic, social and employment growth, energy and environmental sustainability and the well-being of the country. It intends to develop concrete solutions that make sustainable building the new normal and a great opportunity for growth and well-being for everyone.

Thomas Miorin

Thomas Miorin has inspired, initiated and coordinated several national initiatives for sustainable building in Italy. In Habitech he promoted the creation of the Green Building Council Italy and the national development of the LEED certification, which he then followed as Advisor and member of the Executive Committee of GBC Italy. He was the creator and President of REbuild, a platform for the innovation of Italian constructions, which since 2011 has selected and disseminated innovative practices of sustainability in constructions (Breeam, GRESB, Energiesprong) contributing to their diffusion in Italy.


EDERA’s system of governance and control includes the Shareholders’ Meeting, the Board of Directors, and a Sole Auditor.

The Board of Directors is made by:

  • Paolo Pietrogrande, President
  • Thomas Miorin, CEO 
  • Gabriele Buia, Board member
  • Giordana Ferri, Board member
  • Andrea Sica, Board member

Sole auditor of EDERA:

  • Piera Tula



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