Our goals


The decarbonization trajectory requires halving the emissions of each sector every 10 years. Achieving a similar milestone in construction requires a new set of technologies and approaches to accelerate the rate of decarbonisation of the built environment.

Accelerating change

Constructions show resistance to innovation for various reasons, not least the average size of 2.6 employees/company.

Retrofitting more and better

Incentives are essential, but they are not enough. The sector must be supported to respond to the need for redevelopment at acceptable conditions, even for the poorest segments of the market.

Young people and new skills

Workers in the sector are getting older, especially in Italy. Young people, now far from construction, can reduce the strong gap in resources and skills. For this to happen, a cultural change is needed in the construction world.

Quality and design, for everyone

Bringing innovation, product and architectural quality to social housing is an increasingly difficult challenge due to the increases in the cost of materials and energy. We need new approaches capable, through modularization and industrialization, of maintaining quality and identifying new compositional languages.

Disruptive innovation

The industry proceeds with slow incremental innovations. We need to open up new possibilities for disruptive innovations, capable of opening up new paths and possibilities.




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